Steve Rimpici

steve rimpici

The Voice Arts Awards has nominated Steve for "Outstanding Audio Book Narration - Mystery"!

From serious to silly, technical to over-the-top, Steve's voice has a deep tone which draws in the listener. Bring energy and fun to animated characters, commercials, audiobooks, movie trailers, video games, television and radio projects. Steve conveys a lot in short script and helps businesses sell their ideas, concepts, characters, products, and services. Steve's voice adds new dimension to the spoken word by creating an aural imagery that resonates with audiences.

My Voice. Your Vision.

Steve's Character Animation Demo

Steve's Commercial Demo

Steve's Audiobook Demo

Film & TV


  • CarousHELL - Duke - voice (Silver Spotlight Films)
  • Bullseye - Detective Polakowski (Prister Productions)
  • Project London - Oma - voice (Ian Hubert)
  • Easter Casket - Mega Pope - voice (Dustin Mills)
  • Faith - Tommy (Erik Pagan)
  • The Wreck - Commercial - voice (Kevin Haus)
  • War of the Worlds - Newscaster - voice (C.H. Baum)
  • Final: The Rapture - Rick Edelberg- voice (T.A. Chey)
  • Dots - Introducer - voice (John Zhao)
  • Logue - Police Officer - voice (Hiroshi Kumatani)
  • Chlorine - Real Estate Investor (Jay Alaimo)
  • Kaliedecorp - Pitch Man - voice (Brad Klipfel)
  • Locked in - Brian (Khoa Le)
  • Alien Connection - Guy Burgess (Michael Corriere)
  • Collar - Valet (Willy Giily Productions)
  • Torso Baby - Announcer - voice (Erik Pagan)
  • Spectrum - Priest - voice (Michael Ruiz-Unger)
  • Days Gone By - Doctor - voice (John Zhao)
  • The Gun - Gun - voice (Creature Entertainment Studios)


  • Hollyweird Laboratories - Doyle - voice (Young Hollywood)
  • Pioneer One - Dr. Avery Frank (Bracey Smith)
  • Dr. G: America's Most Shocking Cases - Robert Lashbrook (Discovery)
  • Star Trek: Henglaar, MD - Capt. Reiger Teer (David Hill)

Animated Films

  • Puppet Monster Massacre - Dr. Wagner (Dustin Mills)
  • Larry Freaks Out - Narrator (Jordan Calig)
  • Fly by Night - Various Roles (Citizen Skull Productions)
  • Plush Gun: A Puppet Noir - Narrator (Noah Wagner)
  • Planeworld - Multiple Roles (Fouridine Ang)
  • Sweet Desperation - Multiple Roles (Firas Saadeh)
  • The Ark - St. Peter/Black Horse (Ken Edwards)

Trailer VOs

  • Braineater Jones (Stephen Kozeniewski)
  • Why We Ride (Ruby Flores)
  • Grand Theft Fraud (Motion Star Entertainment)
  • Bullseye (Prister Productions)
  • SEEP (Strobie Studios)

Music Videos

  • "Death Rattles" - Priest (Artist: Woods)
  • "Brooklyn" - Detective (Artist: B. Smith)
  • "Get it Poppin" - Gambler (Artist: Dawn Monroe)

Video Games

  • Starfinder - Detective Renie (Paizo Inc/Alexa Games)
  • Red Dead Redemption - Background Characters (Rockstar Games)
  • Mafia III - Background Characters (Hanger 13 Games)

Audiobooks & More


  • New Jersey Lotto - voice
  • Malibu Rum - voice
  • Plantronics - voice (in Italian)
  • Yale University Library - voice
  • Universal Men's Health - voice
  • Mack-Cali Realty
  • Window Depot of West Texas - voice
  • The Outdoorsman - voice
  • Lucky Branded Entertainment - voice
  • Falls River Thanksgiving Parade - Santa voice

Narrations and Corporate VOs

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Daiichi Sankyo
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • Contemporary Jewish Museum
  • Lawyers Without Borders
  • Ricoh Corporation
  • Mission-Critical Services Corp.
  • American School of Arts & Languages


  • SFF Competitive Events - Event Host (SFFGT)
  • IEA Awards Summit - Awards Host (Intl Environmental Associates)


Internet VOs

  • The Watson Files - Multiple Roles (Strobie Studios)
  • The Adventures of Lord Dinby Witherspoon - Multiple Roles (Joshua Wise)
  • Forgive Me Father - Lt. Frank Corso (Julio Alvarez)
  • The Horror of Poe - Multiple Roles (Strobie Studios)
  • Dynamo - K'Radley Jupiter (Ian Hubert)
  • Smoke and Mirrors - Multiple Roles (Dennis Miller)


  • For England, For Love - Guy Burgess (Michael Corriere)
  • Light Comes - JP Morgan/Major K (New Mummer Group Theatre Collective)
  • The Wizard of Oz - Uncle Henry/Oz Doorman (Muddy Waters Theater)



Audible Listener Reviews

  • "Steve Rimpici is the best narrator I have ever heard. From the first word to the last, I was enthralled by his performance. Rimpici not only nailed the character, he stapled it, duct taped it, super glued it, and then went back over it with a sewing machine for good measure. The man is a voice over god."

  • "Maybe you remember Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. That stalky, tough-as-nails, broken-glass-as-chewing-gum kind of voice is, dare I say, trumped by Rimpici's gravelly delivery as Braineater Jones."

  • "I wish this voice artist read every audiobook! I've listened to plenty of audiobooks but none even comes close enough to compare to the entertainment quality Steve Rimpici brings to Braineater Jones."

  • "Steve has an amazing voice, and each character has its own accent."

  • "I adore Poe and these narrators so brought his works to life. I'm sure I will be listening to it again."

Press Reviews

Client Testimonials

  • "I knew from the first moment I heard Steve Rimpici's audition that this was the only man who could possibly narrate my novel. I've relied on his support, genial nature, and the amazing power of his golden pipes throughout the entire process of marketing my first novel."
  • . . . Stephen Kozeniewski, Author of "Braineater Jones"

  • "Steve Rimpici volunteered his voice to Easter Casket. It's a perfect performance. What a delightful, generous, and talented human being."
  • . . . Dustin Wayde Mills, Producer/Director of "Puppet Monster Massacre" & "Easter Casket"

  • "Steve has made writing our radio dramas so much easier by being willing (and able) to tackle any character/accent we can dream up. His versatility has allowed us to avoid having to write for the actors available to us. In short, he is what you expect from a professional."
  • . . . Scott Strosahl, CEO of Strobie Studios

  • "Steve is among the very best. Once I gave out the assignment, it'd be on time and damn near perfect."
  • . . . Dennis Miller, Editor of 'Smoke and Mirrors', Parsec nominated podcast